Who doesn’t adore a life without any responsibility? Who doesn’t love to live without the worry of anyone except oneself? Well, an individual cannot live the exact same lifestyle but undoubtedly bachelorhood phase helps to a great extent to live a carefree life.

Elevating the joy of bachelorhood are the opportunities in different cities, states, and even countries. So, for example, a bachelor who resides in a rented apartment in Pune, Mumbai or Delhi rejoices the phase more than the one who lives at his native place.

However, whether the bachelor lives in his hometown or has moved to a different city, the bachelorhood delights all. Here are top five reasons for why bachelorhood is considered as the best phase of the life:

  • No Sharing

Be it your favorite jacket or food item, whether it is the TV remote or your vehicle, you need not have to share it with anyone. Believe it or not, to not have to share anything with anyone is a great feeling. Thus, saying sharing is caring is the exception in the case of a bachelor won’t be untrue.

  • Being Irresponsible is an Advantage

You just have to worry about yourself as a bachelor. You can wake up as per your convenience, you can work as per your comfort and you can take rest as and when you want. Being responsible just for yourself is quite easy because you know exactly what you want.

  • You are Your Own Boss at “HOME”•	You are Your Own Boss at “HOME”

One of the biggest advantages of the bachelorhood phase is that you are not answerable to anyone. You can make your own decisions and you need not have to give an explanation to anyone. All in all, you won’t be burdened by the questions such as “Why are you not going to bed?”, “Why you woke up so late?”, “Why aren’t you going to work today?” etc.

  • No Pressure of Saving

Once you are done paying all the utility bills and undertaking necessary expenses, you can spend the money on anything that you hold dear. Whether you are an electronic gadgets connoisseur or fashion aficionado, you can lavishly spend without having anyone to taunt you with “money doesn’t grow on trees!”

  • The Lifestyle You Ever Wanted•	The Lifestyle You Ever Wanted

As a bachelor, you need not have to worry about the lifestyle you lead. You can live with your friends at their place, you can leverage one of the online rental portals such as Nestaway.com to find a roommate for your furnished apartment on rent in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and other metro cities in India, you can work late in the night or you can be an early bird to complete your work. As you rejoice your bachelorhood, you have the freedom to make rules, break them and listen to just one person i.e. Yourself.


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