Wedding is the most important day for both the bride and the groom. Everyone wants their wedding to be luxurious and perfect. The day reflects the personalities of the two individuals. The focus should not be on the expenditure and saving. But fitting everything in your budget seems tough. wedd

Reducing costs of the wedding planning without compromising the elegance of your big day seems a nice idea. Does not it?

Read on to get to know about the top strategies to save on wedding costs.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator saves time and money which we otherwise think that it would cost more. They help you save money by helping you get discounts and perks from the vendors. But, you should always be careful before hiring a wedding coordinator. Not everyone who claims they are wedding coordinator is actually one. Ensure that they are certified.


Location charges could burn a hole in your pocket. There are many options for a low cost wedding. It could be the backyard of your house or a relative. These days there are packages available which will include your wedding, reception and even honeymoon. Such people can offer you rebates to cut down on your costs.

Remember to organize your wedding during an off season and also not on Saturdays. This way you can get the special spot that you might have wanted at lower costs.

Guest List

Limit your guest list. Keeping it concise will reduce your costs drastically. Most of the caterers, banquet halls and restaurants charge per person. So, lesser the guests, lesser will be the costs.

Also, invite guests with whom you can spend at least a minute. Inviting more guests mean that you will have to spend more time in all.

Cuisine expenses

Another factor of causing expenses at wedding is food. Cutting down on food will greatly reduce your expenses. Usually there are high charges for ‘drop of catering’ where caterers deliver already prepared food to the venue. Instead of this you can cater all the food yourself which could prove to be tiring but will reduce your expenses. You can also decide if it has to be a multicourse meal. This can also cost you more than the usual.

Decoration and cake

Opting for a pre-decorated location will help reduce your expenses. Flowers won’t cost you much, but what adds up to the cost is labor who arranges them. You can consider doing the decorations yourself. In this case you can get flowers at a great price from a warehouse store. This will cut down your expenditure remarkably.

Also, you can save remarkably by baking the cakes yourself. DIY cakes are a great medium and you can show off your skills by baking cupcakes to brownies and the mini chocolate cakes. Do not forget that the reception venue can charge a cake cutting fee if you bring in outside baked goods.

Lastly, wedding is the most special day of your life. Make sure not to take hasty decisions.

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