Economics is an important course of study, but entering this at University level can seem intimidating. Even for those strong in all areas of academic study, some entry level courses can seem advanced. Having a strong foundation in this study can solve this problem. By spending two-weeks studying a course in Economics Cambridge University Summer School can provide the basic core of knowledge needed to excel in a top school.

The Difference with the Cambridge Summer School Program

This program demonstrates what students can expect at the next level of their education. Here, you can study with students from across the globe, who share this interest in achieving more knowledge about economic theory and application. The difference many will find here is more one-on-one interaction with experienced Oxford educated instructors. This look at advanced learning can show you as a student how to approach this field with confidence.

Skills and Information

The program for Economics Cambridge University Summer School provides is more than mere lecture. There is the opportunity to learn new skills, and apply what is learned as you will in upper levels. Meeting new people with very different life stories is a good experience, and can also offer confidence for approaching a different academic life with greater confidence. If economics is your main choice of study through the Cambridge Summer School program you find yourself better able to approach upper level material with a strong basic understanding of principles, theories and applications of economics.

Having What You Need

When you are serious about your academic future what you want most is to have the best chance at a top school. Two-weeks might not seem a long time, but through this program it’s possible to find any areas where you need “rounding out”. Along with the main course of study in Economics Cambridge Summer School also offers a grounding in other core subjects. Rather than feeling intimidated by the next courses you face, these will offer you a clear background in the subjects to draw from when faced with a challenge.

Having Fun While Learning

Boredom sets in when you are not actively engaging in the process of learning. With a 5 to 1 ratio of tutors to students you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. With 10 hours of activities and skills building you will remain active and feel engaged about a topic rather than simply reading about the subject.

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