If you are the owner, you are also a part of the development team. Your mission too must be in maximization of ROI with your deliverance in future. It is also very beneficial if there is a healthy tension between you and the rest of the team as it will generate the required amount of stress which will drive the team forward and push them in delivering better. This will also provide the proper guidance and boost so that they will understand the importance and functionality more so as to improve on their product delivery.

Avoid The Risk

If you are that kind of a product owner who refuses to address tech debts, you can have a team which will mistrust your decision. You may feel it in their looks and over hearing their discussions when you leave the room. Your capability of prioritization, understanding skills and even appreciation of team work will be in question. They will feel insecure as they can feel that their needs will never be taken into consideration. This is a serious risk for you as well as to the business on the whole. It will bring development work to a halt due to their no confidence on you. So, it is advised that you never take these debts lightly.

Mind The Gap

Change your attitude towards debt then this ever increasing tension between you and your team will not increase the gap. It will therefore prevent the feeling of us and them within the team. This is dangerous for your business as your team can hijack stories to build refactoring work along with their regular task. There will be done without proper discussions and formalizations as the whole process is not properly flagged and is done in the dark. This means that there will be no suggestions given, no opinions shared, no advised communicated between your teams and enlarge the gap to increase stress levels.

Affects The Moral

To have a productive workplace, you have to keep the moral of your team high at all levels. High moral means it will instill loyalty in your employees as well. Developers are just like any artist who creates something for thepleasure of others. This in turn gives them pleasure and satisfaction to them and they continue to maintain high standards and strive to work for better produce. The more pleasure they will receive, the more chance is there that they will come up with better codes. So, it is your responsibility to give them that environment so that they have a high moral.

Praise For Boosting

There are many ways to treat your employees in ways which will keep their moral high. You can click here to know more. If you provide the right tools and the proper environment for work, you can get excellent work from your team. So, it is never advisable to avoid your debt at any point of time so that it would affect your growth in an adverse way as the debt accumulation will result in the loss of the teams spark as well as willingness to work.

Shubhi Gupta is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.

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