If you have recently become the owner of a car, then the first thing that will come to your mind is the proper maintenance of the vehicle. While it is true that car maintenance can be pretty time consuming and expensive, at the same time you must also remember that the investment which you will make now will save you from spending money in future. Unlike what advertisements show, you can’t really keep your car running on the roads forever by simply feeding some oil into its engine every once in a while. Car maintenance should include both internal and external care.

What are some methods for taking care of your car?

These are the five essential tips that you should include as a part of your car maintenance routine:

  • Always keep the windshield clean: A dirty windshield will be a big safety hazard as it will obstruct your view of the road ahead. This is why it requires regular cleaning. When you are visiting the gas station, make sure to get your car’s windshield cleaned too. This is particularly important after you have had a long drive on the highway. If your windshield gets littered due to insect carcasses, then it’s no good trying to wipe it away as it would only make things messier. In this case, use a water-pipe and try to wash it away.
  • Check the pressure of your car’s tire: This is important not only for the purpose of safety issues but it will also save you from the unnecessary expenditure. Wrongly inflated tires (both over and under-inflated tires) do not stop or handle as well as those with the right pressure. These may also raise your chances of a blowout. Apart from this, it is a fact that tires with the right pressure will have a much longer life as well as increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  • Always check your car’s oil as and when needed: Synthetic oil plays an important role in your car’s overall performance. One of the most vital functions of the oil is lubricating all the internal parts present in the car’s engine so that they do not break up and tear themselves causing dysfunction. It also helps in removing the heat away from engine’s combustion cycle and locks and traps all the dirty remnants of combustion, transferring them to oil filter. If you do not feed your engine enough synthetic oil, then your car will face the high risk of damage.
  • Get your brakes visually inspected at least once in a year: Shoes of your car’s brakes are likely to wear out after regular use just like those of one’s walking shoes. In case they wear away pretty bad, it may cause serious damage to the car’s brake rotor which may be quite expensive to repair. Although they seem to stop your car successfully, the shoes of the brakes could be pretty thin and may start causing damage to the brakes at any time, so it is advisable to get them checked visually while rotating the tires.

It is better to learn how to inspect the essential fluids of your car for safety purpose: It is quite easy to check the fluids of your car simply by opening the compartment of the car’s engine. These essential fluids are:

  • Motor oil.
  • Anti-freeze/coolant.
  • Brake fluid.
  • Transmission fluid.
  • Windshield wiper fluid.

If the level is low, then it should be immediately topped off. However, if you constantly find them getting low, then you might be having a leak. You may want to check your parking lot for drips of fluids


Always know that it is best not to follow the car maintenance schedule provided by your mechanic or car dealer. In most cases, they will advise you to visit them more frequently and also undergo services that you do not truly. Spending a lot of unnecessary money does not mean your car is getting the proper treatment that it needs. Regularly scheduled maintenance as well as lubrication using all the right fluids like oil, grease, etc will keep your car going. The more you keep it lubricated the better it would be. Thus, only by including the above mentioned five simple points in your car maintenance routine, you can make sure your loving car has a very long life.

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