There is no doubt that gas and electricity are two main aspects of leading a comfortable life. Finding a service provider who can not only provide you both the facilities but can also resolve your untimely problems related to both the sectors remains a big task. Amidst various service providers, British Gas is usually considered as the first choice when it comes to gas and electricity services in the UK.

The prime reason to why British Gas is considered as one of the most used service provider all over UK is that it offers customized tariff plans for the customers according to their usage. This is only one thing that can be an eye-catching for the users, but apart from this there are many more things that a company is doing in order to attract the customer to a large extent. Some of the benefits that a customer can get after signing up at British Gas for gas and electricity usage are as follows:

  1. The company provides fixed prices until 30 Nov, 2018

  2. In case of price surge; you will be offered services at the same prices

  3. The customers can even get discount of 15 Euro if you hire services for the same property from them

In addition to all this, there are home tariffs for new customers as well that are applicable such as:

  1. Provide free electricity between 9 am to 5 pm on Weekends till 31 March, 2018

  2. If the prices increase, you are still at the same price

  3. You get your smart meter installed without even paying a single euro

  4. Company facilitates you with interactive tool in order to measure the savings

To increase its reach, the company is trying very hard and taking every step possible (home energy rewards) in order to woe the customers. Some of the points are given below:

  1. A 50 Euro gift card for the new customers for the fixed time period

  2. Fixed prices till Nov 30,2017

  3. Exit fee of 20 Euro per fuel

These are all the benefits the British Gas company is offering to its existing and potential customers. Apart from all this, there is a customer support British Gas contact number, on which you can call anytime round the clock to get your related issues resolved. Some of the common issues that you can go through are as follows:

  1. Help about your Gas supply

  2. Speak about electricity problem

  3. Renewing an existing contract

  4. Switching between different tariffs

  5. Setting up a new contract

  6. Changing payment details

  7. Getting detailed information about the dual-fuel discounts

  8. Getting your boiler repaired or serviced

  9. Talking about new issuing of new contract

  10. Understanding how to control home heating with the help of a system

With so much in consideration and for the benefit of customers, the British Gas company certainly makes some sincere efforts to not only increase the customer base but also provide them with best services.

Shubhi Gupta is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.

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