Although carpets are not as popular as they used to be with many other flooring options available such as laminate, hard wood and tiling, carpets are still a great choice as they are warm, soft and look great in almost any home.

Despite their positives, they can be a nightmare to clean properly and in fact not cleaning them can lead to potentially serious health problems due to their tendency to trap dirt and release it over time.

Regular vacuuming is the standard way to clean our home’s carpets but what many don’t realise is that simply vacuuming them may not be enough to fully clean and prevent them from becoming health hazards. Older homes with older carpets especially can harbour dirt and other pollutants which build up over time and can exacerbate conditions such as allergies and asthma if left unchecked. Those in the house that are elderly or very young may be particularly at risk of developing breathing conditions so for that reason it is important to get your carpets cleaned professionallyat least once a year to not just protect the health of your carpets, but also the health of your family.

The three main reasons why carpet cleaning is important for your health are as follows:

Dust mites

These tiny creatures are a common pest in our homes that feed on our leftover skin, most people are unaware of them as they are invisible to the naked eye at about a quarter of a millimetre in length. The mites infest any soft furnishings in the house such as carpets, where they thrive deep within the fibres and are difficult to remove.

Although they pose no direct risk to us, the mites leave droppings in our carpets which can be disturbed by vacuuming or walking across them, once their faeces enters the air it can be breathed in where it causes issues such as allergies or respiratory problems.

Steam cleaning by a professional is the best way to completely remove the mites and to also ensure that their droppings are destroyed and eliminated from your carpets.persian-carpet

Trapped pollutants

Although regular vacuuming often looks to have left your carpets clean, many smaller particles get trapped deep within the carpets’ fibres, particularly in much thicker carpets. These particles can be made up of anything such as human and pet skin and hair, regular dirt from outside or more serious contaminants such as lead and oil.

As they build up over time, older carpets are particularly affected and these pollutants can be released into the air as the carpet is disturbed by walking over it, presenting health issues to anyone breathing them in. Even the most high-powered domestic vacuum cleaners will not be enough to dislodge this dirt so a professional cleaner is necessary to fully rid your carpets of these toxic particles.


Any moisture that gets into your home, either from outside or from sinks in your house, can lead to the development of mould and mildewwithin your carpets. These fungi thrive in damp and warm environments so a thick carpet is an ideal place for them to grow.

Their spores can cover and ruin clothing, furniture and food in your house and also prevent a health risk to anyone who breathes them in. Because of their seriousness and ability to spread rapidly, a professional cleaner may be the best option to rid your carpets of potential mould infestations. The cleaners’ tools will heat the carpets to dry out any moisture within the fibres and eradicate the mould growing there.

Due to these potential hazards, if it has been over a year since your carpets where last cleaned, it may be time to get them seen to again.


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