Deodorants are something that we all keep handy. Whether that is in our handbags, our office drawers, our gym lockers or just plain at home in our dressing tables. It’s no longer a thing that is used by a select few. Nowadays, because of the easy availability, competitive ranges and exhaustive options for rates, deos have begun to be used quite freely. They are used for a variety of purposes including keeping oneself fresh through a long day or just simply to have oneself smell good right after a shower. They are also available in a number of different fragrances including floral, citrus or sports options for women and more musky based or regular sporty ones for men.

Plastic cosmetics bottles on white backgroundBut, there is a common myth when it comes to such deodorants and anti-perspirants which are that they are only for use in the summer. Now, while this is partially true because of the common sweltering heat in India, deodorants should not be restricted to use only in the summers. They are an all-season product that should be on your dresser all through the year. Now, you may ask why that is so! Well, while almost all of us who buy deodorant online have the misconception that deodorants are only to control and fight sweat, there are a number of other purposes for which they are important.

Let us find out some of the reasons for which products such as Adidas Body spray are an all-rounder:

Sweat Control- Sweat is not an issue which happens only in summers. There are hot or warm days even in the middle of the winters or even in the spring. Deodorants have to be used to both kill sweat and prevent body odour. This is necessary to keep you fresh and going throughout the day. Good deodorants stay on through the course of the day ensuring you have no embarrassing BO or sweaty armpits etc.

Kills Bacteria- The chemicals present in deodorants, especially the natural ones have a formula designed to kill the bacteria formed by sweat. This helps in controlling sweat and not allowing it to cause irritation or itching. After all, you do not want to have to walk around feeling the urge to itch, especially in public.

Whitens Skin- Many active deodorants like Adidas Body Spray or even Nivea help maintain the PH levels of skin. This is what leads to them helping the individual keep their skin light and as sensitive as before. With the armpits, harsh deodorants make this area lose its colour and causes damages as well. A good deodorant is necessary throughout the year to ensure skin whitening.

Keep you smelling good- Everybody wants to smell fresh and nice! This is one of the main reasons why you should keep a deodorant handy through the entire year. Always remember to moisturize before using a deodorant.

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