Mathematics is a challenging subject where students have an opportunity to score out of out marks. Some students find it easy and fun as their love for maths is never ending but there are a lot more haters of maths. One main reason for the later being multiple formulas and methods to solve a numerical makes them feel it as a very complicated subject. Thanks to the online education system because students can learn maths at their own pace until they are perfect with the concept. Through eLearning apps, students get access to notes and other study materials in a fraction of seconds. For example, if a class 7 student is looking for mathematics solutions then all he has to do is just type NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Maths and the required study material appears on the screen in a few seconds.  

Below are some tips that will help you prepare well for the maths exam:

  • Make an organized study area which is spacious and far away from distractions. Watching television, playing video games, PlayStation, mobile phone, etc. can strain your eyes make you feel sleepy. So if you want a break from studies you can go for a walk, take a nap
  • Keep rough sheets, pen, pencil, postcards, color pencil, highlighter and other writing materials handy
  • Make a maths timetable to follow prepare for the exam. See how big is the chapter and based on the difficulty level you can split time taken to cover each chapter
  • While you study make note of formulas or make a formula book to keep handy to revise before exams
  • Solve and understand every chapter numerical thoroughly. Practice chapter wise exercise and worksheets to make yourself perfect with the concepts
  • Taking up maths mock tests, solving previous year question papers of maths and solving as many as sample papers possible will help you become thorough with the type of questions being asked in the exam. Also, it will help you improve your problem-solving approach and increase your speed.
  • Most importantly do not neglect your health. Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient water, avoid eating junk food, meditate or exercise daily and sleep well. This will help you stay fit and positive

You can also checkout solutions for class 7 other subjects by just typing NCERT Solutions For Class 7. Learn quick step by step methods and shortcuts to solve math and science numerical online.


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