Ford Motor—an American multinational automaker—has announced to invest $4.5 billion to build 13 new electric models by 2020. With this endeavour, the company wants to meet the increasing demand for electric cars worldwide.

Mark Fields, CEO of the Detroit-based automaker, said at a press conference, that 40 percent of its models around the world would have versions powered by electricity by the end of the decade.

The 2017 Ford Focus Electric will be the first of these 13 new electric cars. This car will have 100-mile range and a battery that charges up to 80 percent in 30 minutes on one-time charge. Customers who are fond of Ford cars in North America and Europe will be able to buy this car at the end of 2016.

All the purposed cars are planned to be engineered and constructed at the Ford Engineering Laboratory in Dearborn that works with colleagues in China, England and Germany. The company has so far hired more than 120 engineers who will help build lighter, durable electric car batteries at the facility.ford_motor_company_wallpaper

In 2020, the company will have to compete with other renowned automakers working in the all-electric and plug-in hybrid field. Ford’s competitors will include General Motors with its Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla with its Model S and Model 3, and Audi that is going to develop SUV for a 2018 debut and looks to capture one quarter of its U.S. cars be plug-ins by 2025.

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