citrus3If you want people to listen to what you have to say then online radio is the fastest means to do so. It will be the most professional solution to your need. My friend started streaming his own show through Shoutcast hosting. The advantage you get is that once you start streaming either live or with an auto Dj you get listed on the website within 30 minutes of your streaming. Once you are listed on the website any listener will be able to tune in and listen to your station. Listeners will be able to find you by searching for your name or the title of the track that you are currently playing. You can also be found by your listeners by the genre of the track that you are playing.

The more listeners you have higher will be the ranking of your show. My friend got very high rankings for his show the first week within its commencement. The features of shoutcast server are many. One of them is the ability to publish server information which includes the current number of listeners. My friend has a very different taste in music. He wanted to share it with the world and hence chose cross-proprietary software for streaming music over the internet. The most common usage of shoutcast is creating and listening to audio broadcasts. You may also have the option to stream videos as well.

My friend had always thought to start an internet radio station. He could not have found a better platform to launch his station on. The shoutcast uses a model that is best suited to the client’s needs. Each component communicates through a network protocol that intermingles with audio or video data with certain other metadata such as the title of the song and the name of the station. It utilizes HTTP as its transport protocol. This method of live streaming of audios and videos has gained popularity over the past few years.

Shoutcast is a completely passion driven platform. They are majorly concerned about the clients and their passion for internet radio. It really motivates them to meet with your needs in every way possible. They specialize in listening to every customer and their needs and try to solve their problems as accurately as possible. Regular health checks and upgrades on the networks of shoutcast are regularly carried out because they strive to ensure that the servers are stable the whole year. They strive on becoming the world class leading streaming network.

The concept of green servers is very strong in shoutcast. They specialize in housing their network and servers from within data centres that are powered by renewable wind energy sources. You might be saving the planet by using their services. They are renowned because of their high quality services unlike other companies. With decades of experience in server monitoring and maintenance they provide full customer satisfaction. My friend definitely is having a great time streaming with shoutcast. He already had a lot of listeners for his music right in the first week. That was very encouraging for him. He also started to stream videos lately for the entertainment of more people.

Igor Dovbenko is author of this article on Shoutcast hosting. Find more information about start an internet radio station.


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