Valet parking is not so much a luxury as it is a necessity. It may have once been confined to hotels, restaurants and upscale places but there are too many practical benefits to discount it when planning any event.

Most events see a good number of guests which means having to organize parking. As anyone knows, it’s not as simple as finding a vacant lot; there’s the actual parking to do which takes time and requires some skill especially with small spaces. So, rather than worry about the details of parking, why not just hire a valet parking service? It’s so simple: you pay a fee and they take care of everything else.

Convenience: Valet parking is extremely convenient for you, the host, and your guests. Since events are held a distance away from parking lots attendees will need to make their way to and back which is a hassle especially if they happen to have parked far from the venue. The problem is worse if they’re old or infirmed. Since valet parking sees attendants pick up and drop off cars close to the venue, guests don’t need to worry about a thing. You’ll also be appreciated for being considerate.

Safety: Trying to park in a tight spot without scratching a car is difficult to say the least. At an event, with so many vehicles jostling for space, the problem is compounded several times. However, valet parking can remove the hassle by having experienced drivers plot and organize parking. The companies are insured too so damages, if any, are taken care of by them.

Can be used for any event: There are no restrictions to what event valet parking can be used for. Weddings and concerts are only a couple of examples; awards ceremonies, birthday bashes and conferences are others. What’s even better is that you can avail other services besides parking like shuttle services for quick transport. It’s so convenient and hiring parking and shuttle services together may even make you eligible for a welcome discount.SetWidth1920-VIPparkingRS

Adds a touch of class: Valet parking may not be a luxury but it does add class especially at formal events. Guests feel important, hosts are appreciated and parking troubles taken care of. All that’s left is to enjoy the night.

Since valets must handle different vehicles, some very expensive, it’s vital that the service you pick has a good track record with excellent customer reviews. One that’s been operating for several years should be given preference. You’ll also have to look for an insured company, one that makes drivers go through proper training, not just in the art of parking but in behavior as well. Professionalism is another. The service should also come highly recommended by people you know and those you don’t. The internet is a wonderful tool for narrowing down options and confirming customer reviews.

It may be a modest event you’ve planned with less than two dozen guests. It could be held at your home instead of at a proper venue. Whatever the case, valet parking should be seriously considered because there are just too many advantages to pass up. It’s surprisingly affordable too and a small price to pay for the convenience of your guests and for your peace of mind.

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