Nowadays, there are different types of cleaning services that the professional cleaning companies provide to homeowners and other businesses. If you are seeking the services for commercial cleaning in Manchester, you may like to know about the various types of commercial cleaning services that you can have. Below mentioned are some of the key commercial cleaning services, have a look:

  • A ‘one-off’ or deep clean: If you do not want contracts or regular commitments then a one-off or deep clean will be the best option for you. This type of cleaning service is usually required once in a while. It includes cleaning of carpet and upholstery including carpets, rugs and furniture, deep cleaning of windows, frames, shutters and blinds, floor cleaning, patios cleaning, and more.
  • Regular contract cleaning: Regular contract cleaning services generally refers to the cleaning of office premises and other commercial spaces on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Regular contract cleaning include cleaning of floors, furniture, carpet, etc.
  • End of lease cleaning: End of lease cleaning service is generally required to prepare the property for sale or let. For various reasons like expansion, downsizing or relocation, many businesses require to move their premises. In this case, the end of lease cleaning service can help to minimise the stress of relocating. This type of cleaning service include Rubbish clearance, bathroom cleaning, doors and windows cleaning, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, equipment cleaning, and more.
  • After an event cleaning: Events can generate high traffic dust and may require a deep and fast cleaning to return the space to normal use. After an event cleaning services generally include venue deep cleaning, toilets and washroom cleaning, emptying and sanitising rubbish and recycling bins, picking and disposal of all trash, floor cleaning, moping and polishing, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, cleaning of entryways and common areas and more.
  • Parking lot cleaning: Parking lots can draw a lot of dust and debris. This kind of cleaning service include removal of gum residue from sidewalks, power washing to clean dirt and natural deposit, sweeping, etc.

Every commercial property has different cleaning requirements. Considering the type of cleaning service you require, choose a professional commercial cleaning company. Professional cleaning companies use a wide range of advanced cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to provide the best possible results within the specified time period.

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