The BR-V is Honda’s first project in the compact SUV segment in India, and the arrival of the car excited the public to no end. Within just a month post launch, 9,000 units of the car was booked, and its biggest contenders are Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Maruti Suzuki has gained a dominant position in the utility vehicle market with Ertiga and this is not a new car. Honda introduced the BR-V to have a firm hold in the utility vehicle market. It has been just a few months since the BR-V was introduced, and does it have the features the override the long-time popularity of Ertiga? Let us compare the two cars and find out.


BR-V flaunts a professional design, the styling on the front is aggressive visible on the neat grille and headlight design that highlights the menacing appearance of the car. This is among the best-looking compact SUV cars in India, and Honda has creatively engineered the vehicle to add bits and pieces of sophistication and sportiness. The intense class-value of the vehicle is visible on neatly cut creases, dense chrome grille, huge projector headlights with illuminating LED light guides. The side view of the vehicle is elegant, the sixteen-inch alloy wheels looks cool and so does the matte silver roof rails and chrome decoration on doors. The design of tail lights is trendy and here too there is a chunk of chrome. This is a good car to head on a memorable vacation contributed by the 223-liter boot space which is extended to a massive 691 liters when the seats of the last row are folded.

Honda BR-V

                                                                         Honda BR-V

The new Ertiga has a slight makeover compared to the previous model, the changes are distinctive and it adds a new level of freshness to the vehicle. The design on the front is sophisticated contributed by the new three slat chrome radiator grille instead of the previously engineered black honeycomb grille unit. Beneath the bonnet line there is a dense layer of chrome and it makes the car look classy and this is another change introduced on the current car. The design of the sweptback headlights is the same and the redesigned bumper has a short square shaped air dam. The round fog lights look trendy and the trendiness is contributed by chrome linked eyebrows. The rear bumper has a new design and the styling of the tail lights is similar to the previous model.


The interior of Honda BR-V is similar to Amaze, and the main difference here is the vibrant all black color theme. Step inside the car and it is amazing, a whole new experience all together, firstly you will be amazed by the dashboard. It looks so distinctive visible on the creases and cuts present on it. The design of the center console is classy covered in a neat piano black finish and the silver accents builds the aesthetic value of the car. The top-end BR-V model is richly feature packed, it has a world-class music system with Bluetooth compatibility and the other interesting features to watch out for are steering mounted controls, rear air conditioning, automatic climate control and premium leather upholstery. The drawback here is the car does not have reverse camera, navigation and touchscreen infotainment unit. This is a seven seat vehicle and there is sufficient space for six occupants which means there is a lack of comfortable space and it can sometimes become claustrophobic.

The interior of Ertiga is vibrant and interesting, and the styling of cabin is similar to the Swift DZire and Swift. Step inside and you will be amazed by the stunning brown and beige color theme. Sources say it is a great experience to sit inside the Ertiga, it is abundantly spacious and feels bright and vibrant. There are ample storage spaces to tuck in all kinds of items, the driver can access the cup holder present in front of gear stick, and for the front occupant there is a cup holder beneath the air con vent. There are back seat pockets in rear and front compartment, and on the third row passenger seat there are cup holders and arm rests.


BR-V is equipped with an efficient 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine engineered with an advanced Earth Dreams technology and it generates fierce energies of 200Nm and 99bhp. The 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine gives out 145Nm and 118bhp. The mileage offered by the petrol car is 15.4kmpl and the diesel vehicle gives 21.9kmpl.

Ertiga is powered by a fierce petrol 1.4-liter engine that generates super powerful energies of 130Nm and 94bhp and it is connected to 5-speed manual transmission. The diesel car is fitted with an innovative 1.3-liter Fiat MultiJet diesel engine that churns 200Nm and 89bhp and the engine is connected to smart hybrid vehicle technology engineered by Suzuki, and here the mileage capacity is improved by 10-15%. The mileage offered by the petrol car is 17kmpl and the diesel vehicle gives 24.52kmpl.




Honda BR-V is sold in six amazing colors that defines the uniqueness and aesthetic value of the vehicle. For people who are keen on buying this car, it is sold in these colors, alabaster silver, golden brown, taffeta white, orchid white pearl, urban titanium and carnelian red pearl.

Ertiga is also available in radiant and awesome shades of superior white, granite grey, pearl blue blaze, silky silver, serene blue and radiant beige.


Honda BR-V is sold within a price range of Rs 8.9 to 13.13 lakh and the Ertiga is offered at Rs 6.5 to 9.6 lakhs.


Which is a better car to buy Honda BR-V or Ertiga? With regard to design, BR-V is a better car, and with regard to interior space Ertiga has more to offer. The engine capacity of BR-V is greater than Ertiga and both cars are sold in equally amazing colors. Ertiga moves on a stronger mileage capacity and has more to offer for the price offered, and it is therefore a better car compared to BR-V.

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