Every car owner loves to place a set of fine class Android car stereo system. In order to buy the finest bargain for android car DVD player start looking for the online electronic wholesale dealers. It is wise to opt for the wholesale segment where you are bound to find car android stereos of different brands. The android car stereo has a lot of built in features like streaming music videos, finding geographic information or the nearest gas station, all the examples of how this system functions. It is definitely worth your time and investment.

Here’s a quick segregation of how you can install your Android car stereo with the help of mobile internet:

Wi-Fi Piggybacking – for those phone or tablet owners already attached with a mobile internet, you can take the connection anywhere which is a suitable option to choose from.

Check whether your system comes with Wi-Fi Compatibility – most Android stereos usually come with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, but you still need to check if the device is actually capable of hooking up to Wi-Fi. In basic models this has to be checked because it comes void of features to trim down the pricing factor.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering On the Host Device– you can usually find this option on the settings>wireless & network>more/other on your phone or tablet. The option should be labeled as “tethering” or “portable hotspot.” Enable it and protect it with a secure password.

Connect the Stereo System to the Wi-Fi Connection– turn on your Android car stereo, go to settings>wireless & networks. Gain access to Wi-Fi and wait for your system to detect the connection on your phone or tablet. For further safety choose a password to prevent it.

Mobile Internet Dongle – this service is almost similar to Wi-Fi piggybacking. For this you must have a dedicated 3G/4G dongle to complete your task.

Make Sure Your Android Car Stereo is 3G/4G Compatible–this typically means having a USB slot for you to plug the dongle into. Just in case though, check if your Android OS stereo has a Mobile Network option in the device’s Settings section.

Obtain a Mobile Internet Dongle – this looks like flash drives, except this contains a slot for SIM cards. Select a service provider you want to work with, buy a SIM card, and take note of your provider’s Access Point Name (APN.) A quick Google search will reveal the specific APN of your provider. Take note of the dial number as well, since this number is what the dongle will use to connect to the service provider.

Plug In the Dongle – go to Settings>Mobile Network and type in a network name, the appropriate APN and dial number. Once you are done with the procedure, connect to your service provider. This way you are surely able to get good access of internet on the Android-powered stereo system you own.

Dedicated Vehicle Router – if you are really are looking for a stable internet connection in your car, then this is the right choice. Vehicle router is an investment which has to be done wisely to get maximum coverage.

Make Sure Your Android Car Stereo Is Wi-Fi Compatible – these routers transmit signals via Wi-Fi, so go back to the first step and review the materials there.

Purchase a Vehicle Router–self-explanatory. If you find a local provider, they can help you install the device in your car – for a fee of, course. If you buy the router from an online source, then you can get in touch with a local auto repair garage and look for an auto electrician to help you. For more ideas about how to buy the best android car stereo system with a router at your place then visit the website.

Mount the Router – prepare a drill and a few screws. Find a spot that gets good ventilation, like the roof of your car or just under the seats. Drill a deep enough hole for the screws to fit firmly into. Just ensure that your cable lines do not get damaged in the process.

Turn Off The Power In Your Car – do this by disconnecting the negative terminal of your car’s battery.

Find A Power Line For Your Router –prepare some electrical tape and a soldering iron, just in case. Search for a circuit that provides power, and connect your router’s power cable to that circuit.

Ground Your Router – almost all routers come with wires can be clipped up to a piece of metal for better connection service. Your car’s metal frame should do the trick, but a loose piece of metal will work just as well.

Power Up And Test – reconnect the negative terminal of your car battery, and test to see if the router is getting power. Routers are a must for mobile internet. You have to test the internet connection by going back to the second step if needed while installing the SIM card for router. Go back to the first step to test the Wi-Fi connection on your Android car stereo. If everything works fine, turn off the battery once more and secure all cables with tape before reconnecting.

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