Giving too much of attention to functionality and aesthetics can be detrimental in selection of the right type of window treatment. How good the window treatment will appear after installation has to be well thought out because improper installation can mar the looks, no matter how beautiful it might have looked when seen in isolation. Understanding some technicalities about installation of window treatments will guide you through the selection process so that you do not land up in a wrong choice. Whether it is blinds or drapes, shades or shutters you must be aware about the architecture of your home and windows in particular and evaluate the options for installation to arrive at the right conclusion.

Decide on mounting

If you have wood trim windows that look beautiful and elegant, it can be quite difficult to install window treatments in this type of windows especially if you have inside mount in mind. Since measurement plays an important part in proper installation of window treatments, taking measurements inside the wooden frame might not be easy and it can affect the quality of installation. Again there might be reluctance of many people to damage the beautiful wood work by drilling holes in to it. Thinking of outside mount blinds or shades can solve the problem.home2

Considering mounting depth

Newer homes do not have wood trims for windows but have a dry wall finish that makes installation of window treatments easy. No need to worry about the difficulties of taking measurements as it is easy to handle uniform surfaces where the window treatment will be mounted. But two things have to be considered – whether you would like to have flush mount, which means that the window treatment will remain confined to the top of the window frame. The other thing to consider is the mounting depth, which is the thickness of the wall of the window frame. Manufacturers have different requirements of minimum mounting depth for different shades and blinds and this has to be considered during the process of selection. There are different kinds of mounting brackets corresponding to different mounting depth.

Combined window treatment

There may be reasons to go for combined window treatment that gives an extra edge in functionality and overall decor. Using blinds and draperies together for window treatment is quite popular. In such cases, you have to consider the parameters of window design and architecture that goes well with both types of window treatments. Besides thinking about mounting blinds you have to think about the suitability of mounting the drapery hardware keeping in mind that the two installations should not infringe into each other that might affect the aesthetics. Selection of drapery fabrics and its length will depend on the way the drapery hardware is mounted and the height at which is fixed. How good the combination of window treatment will look will be determined by the drapery that should complement the blinds.

Paying attention to installation will help you to take into consideration the limiting factors of windows that will ultimately result in doing the right selection of window treatment.


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