TV plays a very important role when it comes to influencing the masses. There are characters portrayed in them that are so close to life that people often associate themselves with them. In the USA, there is one TV series that actually holds a sway over the audience- the name of this TV series is The Dukes of Hazzard!

Discover the reason behind the popularity of The Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard is a very popular TV series primarily because of its main protagonist Boss Hogg. He is the corrupt chief commissioner of Dukes and very greedy. Though he has a corrupt mind, he is well -loved by the audience primarily because of his presence. He has his vices and also is known for his sparkling white trademark suit and cowboy hat. He has a 62 inch waist and loves cigars. He needs to appear in the series regularly- in fact he appears once in every two episodes at least and holds the audience spell bound by his antics. He is funny but at the same time cruel to everyone that comes into his proximity.

Jeffrey Allen Dukes is a specialist on entertainment and TV in the USA. He says that often TV series like The Dukes of Hazzard are popular for their impact on society. You may take the example of the character called Boss Hogg. Though he is wicked and always looking for devilish ways to earn extra money. However, the audience still loves him. This is common in today’s society. His character reflects the corrupt and greedy system. People just want to do anything to remain in power. Again, when Boss Hogg was diagnosed with a fatal illness, he realized that he does not have much time to live. This is why he tries to become a good person and change his ways. However, the moment he realizes that his illness is not fatal, he turns back to his old ways!

Drama and excitement

The fictional character of Boss Hogg does invoke a lot of drama and greed in the role. However he is quite a popular character on the show and has to appear in every episode. The series was first aired in 1979 on CBS and hold audiences on sway till 1985. Till date the series has completed 137 episodes and seven seasons. This series was inspired by the popular show called Moon runners which was created by GY Waldron and several other characters with the same name and concepts.

The Dukes of Hazzard is based on the adventures of Bo Duke and Luke Duke. The serial is famous for the boys ruining the corrupt antiques of Boss Hogg who is always angry with the boys. The series has lots of drama and this is why it is widely popular in the USA today.

Jeffrey Allen Dukes says that this series really is popular for both good and bad. The audience loves all the characters and remains one of the most memorable TV shows that has been aired in the USA today!


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