Inverter spot welder uses less electricity to function which makes it more popular than its rivals. A spot weld is a process of joining metal that requires no filler medium. This welding process is based on the principle of Ohms Law.

Most of the base metals we use in welding have very low resistance (micro-ohms). The electrodes make contact under pressure with the base materials and a high voltage current is used to join two surfaces. When the welding current is high it almost instantaneously liquefies the metal at the spot where the electrodes make contact. After that water is run on the surface to make the joint more secure. Water circulates through the electrodes to cool down the welding spot.  Spot welding equipment has a transformer. The low resistance in the metal coupled with the low voltage secondary output generates the high current that is measured in kiloamperes. Ampere or amp (symbol: A) is the unit of electrical current.

Inverter spot welding equipment requires very little maintenance and is also an affordable option. The process is simple and quick, and most weld shops find it easy to work with. It is also rated as the most economical way of joining metals. The cost of labor is also reduced when you use spot welders as known as resistance welders. To bring the operational expense down and to make profits users like to look for the most modern equipment with a low-price tag.

When you buy welding equipment and electrodes, ensure it is “Made in the USA”. The country benefits when you buy locally made things. The modern equipment offers various process control features that help you control the weld. It is equipped with a microprocessor that allows users to control weld duration and the intensity of the current.

Inverter spot welder is available in various sizes. You can select a good make and model after you learn the required Kilo-Volt-Amps (KVA). This will help you select the right size machine. You need the appropriate welding force so there is less resistance at the surface level to avoid flashing.

For nickel-based alloys, titanium, carbon steels A.C spot welding is widely used. Here AC stands for alternating current.  This type of a welding process is comparatively more expensive than inverter spot welding. With an inverter, the current is highly controlled and thus it takes less time and less electric power to finish the job.

To achieve a joint the right amount of heat and pressure is required. Once you have adjusted your inverter spot welds to make welds, you can save the settings and reuse the same time over again to get uniform welds. Two electrodes clamp two pieces together and the heat from the current creates the weld.  Electrodes are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes for all sorts of applications. Inverter spot welding is ideal for mass production. It is widely used in the automotive industry for joining steel. In the aerospace industry, it is used for airframe components made of aluminum alloys.

Aluminum is very different from steel when it comes to welding. It is more difficult to weld using resistance. It needs large capacity equipment and higher welding currents. Electrodes wear out easily while making joints. With aluminum copper electrodes are used. The nugget is made using thermal vibration and it contracts and expands during the process.

Welding is not a tough process. Once you learn you will be able to do it on your own. The small pieces require a bit of expertise. Welding equipment is different, one from another, so it is good to not use it on your own unless you are trained and certified. What seems easy can be soon a tough mistake. Some technical mistakes are very difficult to fix and can lead to serious consequences, including equipment failure, damaged materials, bodily injury, and even death. Welding is a great profession, but it is also a dangerous one where a simple technical mistake can be distressing. All new welders need to learn everything they can about welding safety and keep safety in mind first before starting a weld.

If it is time to buy a new machine check online for the more popular names in the industry. Some companies sell equipment and also take on welding projects. If you want something mass produced, you can count on these companies to do the job on time. When you select a machine, it is wise to get a trial weld. This way you can learn more about the way the equipment works.  Buying online is much easier as you can browse through dozens of items and compare their features and pricing in a short period of time. After sales service gives you peace of mind and you can find a good dealer online that will help you add more years to your life.


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