When it comes to purchasing nails for home improvement purpose or construction work, people get confused to choose the right nails. You cannot describe the use to every shopkeeper to get the nail rather you should have a little knowledge of the nails. There are various types of nails available in the market of the same size and designs.

Don’t worry! Here you will be informed about the common types of nails used for home improvement.

  • Finish nails: Finish nails are one of the most commonly used nails which have a thin shank and small round head. There are different types of nails which look like finish nails but are named as per their particular specialty. These nails are usually used for wooden work and offer smooth surface after finishing. People often keep these nails in their home repairing any old furniture or wooden object. You can also use them for joining thin metal sheets. These nails are also made from copper so called as copper nails.
  • Galvanized nails: These nails are not manufactured from single metal but are made from two different metals. Iron is the main metal used to manufacture nails but iron tends to get rusted so another noncorrosive metal is coated to avoid rusting. Rusting basically reduces the strength of the iron which in turn can break anytime against the load. Therefore galvanized nails are much trusted and long lasting for both home improvement and constructions.
  • Brad: The major difference between finish nails and brad is the head. Brad has rounded head, unlike flat heads. These nails are mostly driven with the help of compressing powered guns. Due to lengthy shank, these nails can be bend from middle therefore needs to be fixed carefully. If you are looking for brad copper nails, then you can also get that on the fastening shop.
  • Masonry nails: From the name itself, one can understand the use of nails. These nails are larger and heavier than normal nails as they need to bear heavy loads. Such nails are used to fix wood to the brick perfectly to support the construction. Mostly, these nails are manufactured from iron which is known for good load bearing capacity. Earlier masonry nails were completely manufactured from iron but these days they use alloy for manufacturing them. These alloys are corrosion-resistant and long lasting.
  • Thread nails: Such nails contain ring-like structure throughout their shank, which makes them a different look. The ring structure is not given to differentiate them from other types rather they are given to offer better grip between the objects. These nails are manufactured with different metals like steel and iron, which can be used as per the uses.

Now, you are quite known about the use of common nails, so it would be easy to purchase them as per your need. You can also visit some of the fastening websites which describe the importance of each nail more clearly. Get the right nail for your work and accomplish it.


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