This L101 Bluetooth LED Audio Bulb combines LED energy-saving light and sound technology together. The outer ring is the ring luminescence band, which can brighten the light of warm white or cool white. A small-caliber and high-powered full range speaker is located in the middle area. It adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology, thus it can be compatible with all kinds of products with Bluetooth, like Smart Home mobile phone, MID, notebook etc.aa

It has Great Features some are listed below

It’s Brighten up your room and brings the sounds with this Bluetooth speaker with LED light bulb. Ideal for bedrooms, study, games room, workshop, caravan etc,

It can be applicator in many occasions, such as bedroom, study room, kitchen, bathroom, passageway. It can give you wonderful music in the night to help you go to sleep.

A small-caliber and high-powered full-range speaker is located in the middle area and music player rise well.

It adopts E27 lamp base, easy to operate. And it is suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, notebooks, etc.

This product combines LED lighting with Bluetooth audio speaker. You can choose to use it for music player or light device, and they can work simultaneously.

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