Do you know why most people find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet? It’s because of two reasons. One, healthy foods and drinks usually don’t have a delicious flavour. And two, we are all sorely tempted when we see the colourful, aromatic, but thoroughly unhealthy foods that are found in roadside stalls as well as at home! But the truth is, no matter how uninteresting food may look or taste, healthy food should always be our priority.

One option that people can make use of to get the required amount of good food in their systems without compromising much with taste is to make a juice out of the healthy items that can be made into juices. A popular example of a very healthy juice that is made of one of the most bitter but healthy vegetables is the jamun and ras, or juice. Karela, as we all know, is known as bitter gourd or melon, and jamun is the Hindi name for Java or black plum. So what makes this juice so special? Let’s find out.

  1. The chemical properties of the bitter gourds are such that they help in the control of diabetes to a very large extent. Although popularly known as a form of vegetable, karela is in fact a fruit and it is filled with hypoglycaemic. These are commonly known as “plant insulin”. It is very rare indeed to find a natural way to control insulin, and what better way than this fruit that can help people suffering from insulin imbalances that affects urinary discharge and blood sugar levels?
  2. If you choose to buy karela jamun juice online, then you can be assured of having a sugar-free juice that has hardly any calories but several types of nutrients. Although jamuns are sweet, they do not contain any sucrose and are sweet but in a good way, so diabetic patients can enjoy this ras without any worries.
  3. Apart from being beneficial to people with high sugar levels, one can also get their body cooled down with the help of this juice. Especially necessary during summer seasons or when we are over-exerted, the juice can help us regular our body temperature so that we do not suffer mentally or physically.
  4. The bitter flavour of karela is as purifying as that of neem leaves. Just like neem leaves can help us cleanse our bodies internally, if we chew a few of its leaves of drink its juice, similarly can one benefit from body and blood purification because of karela. However, unlike neem which can be applied externally in the form of a soap or face pack, karela cannot be used as beautifying or cosmetic product!
  5. Cleansing the digestive system is no easy feat because we consume so many unhealthy microorganisms unknowingly. Apart from bacteria and virus, one can also consume a lot of unhealthy food made of lot of oil or spices. The best way to keep the digestive system clean and worm-free is with the help of this juice.

Jamun and karela juice is also helped to treat patients suffering from jaundice and joint aches. Thus, as you can see, this multi-talented juice is beneficial to several people on a daily basis.

Shubhi Gupta is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.


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