Meet The ‘Man’ Behind The Screen of New Generation Commercial Ad Concepts

Robert A Klayman is considered as the guide who has created and proved his methodologies and techniques that provide cost effective but dependable and consistent customer contact related solutions. For a commercial business enterprise while regular communication with customers is rather crucial; the process of finding to hiring an appropriate helpful call center service provider and alternatively to make an in-house arrangement both are costly concerns. Here come the unique specialized services of Call Security Management Inc. a dedicated enterprise founded by Robert A Klayman in back 1990. In fact, when the concept of call center services was just emerging, the presence of Robert and his later contributions in the field has been proved highly beneficial to many American business persons.

He is the foremost professional who understood the basic reasons of failure of numbers of domestic call centers due to their concurrent problems in relation to unproductive manpower, deficiency of management skill or customer handling proficiency that lastly make them infertile units. Based on his innovative insight Klayman introduced his specialist call center service providing company SCI in Pasadena, California. His proprietary concepts and techniques that he brought in his company were sheltered from all kinds of standard concerns and thus, he planned to offer complete range of call center services at economical prices to American business people.

Gradually, Klayman started hiring industry experts from communication segment and equipped his enterprises with senior level managers to technical stuffs and agents. They were given intensive training, and notably, despite of being one of the fastest growing call center service companies, all his employees are expected to undergo in-house advanced training session in certain interval every year depending upon their grade that keep them up to date with all latest changes.

During the period of early 80’s, with his innovate concept and ideologies in advertisement and sales promotional field Robert A Klayman caught the eyes of high level professionals and in the corporate business world of America. During that period, he invented more than hundred ad concepts as well, direct response procedures including infomercials, short commercial ads and videos that helped many business enterprises significantly in lead generation, potential market access and sales promotion. Who can forget Robert who made Ginsu Knife a most passionate name in domestic segment during the period 1995? His marketing and promotional ideas were always believed to be ‘years ahead’ sales promotional ideas.

Those who are looking for a proficient call center service providing company, whatever may be their business type, volume or number of calls, they can get in touch with SCI in California. To receive ultimate solutions to all your call center needs from inbound marketing/ Outbound Marketing, 3rd party verification, Customer relation Management, Data Entry to fundraising you can get all kinds of services from this dynamic community. As it comes to Advertisement, product surveys, lead generation or sales promotion, Robert A Klayman and his group is ready to offer you all time best consultancy services and solutions. Another great benefit to get coupled with SCI community is that if you are in need of custom-made services, whatever may be its kind, they can help you with their range of board solution methods.

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