We all like showing off in front of our friends when we know something interesting which they do not. Telling them an interesting science fact and feeling proud but just to feel ashamed later on knowing that it was just a hoax. We’ve all been there with the sheer amount of folk tales going around and passed down the ages. Here, let us discuss a few of the many folklores which have been spread around and creating the wrong impressions, misconceptions, and inaccuracies about our lives.

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away: Perhaps the most renowned of the list. We have all heard this one since our preschool days. Having an apple a day keeps the doctor away is what they said. Even though apples give you fibers and vitamin C, which are good for your long-term health but nothing much more than that. When a certain disease strikes, the apple doesn’t do anything to protect you from them. It would be better to go consult a doctor rather than eating an apple.
  • Milk is good for you: The offspring of a successful marketing campaign, drinking milk regularly is said to be good for your bones. Researchers have shown that there isn’t any valid correlation between drinking milk and bone strength.
  • Organic food is better for you always: Organic farmers are reserved to a limited quantity of organic pesticides to save their crops. This doesn’t necessarily imply that this is better for human consumption. There are some man-made counterparts which leave a smaller effect on the environment.
  • The 5-second rule: Everyone hates it when that piece of food we’ve been longing to eat falls on the floor. But there is a misconception that if we reach down and grab it before 5 seconds from impact, the bit is still consumable. Well, sadly this is false. It only takes milliseconds for bacteria and other microbes to flood that piece of food. The only safety factor associated with it is the cleanliness of the surface it fell on.
  • The tallest mountain on earth: This is a myth depending on the matter of perspective. If we consider the height between the base of the mountain to the summit height, then there are mountains taller than Mt. Everest. While Everest stands at a whopping 29,035 feet above sea level, the total height of Mauna Kea at about 33,500 feet making it taller than Everest by 4,465 feet.
  • Water conducts electricity: Pure water is a poor conductor of electricity by itself. But the reason why people get electrocuted when in water is due to the different impurities and ions dissolved in it like minerals, specks of dirt and more. Thus conductivity is not one of the properties of Water.

Thus, we have debunked just a few of the many myths that have given people the wrong impression time after time again. Hence it is quite vital to get your facts straight and question things you are not sure of. To learn about the different facts about the world we live like Acid Rain and more, check out this YouTube channel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8deq-zdaIg.


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