Kadapa or Cuddapah is one of the oldest cities of Andhra Pradesh and is situated around the banks of the Penna river. This delightful town is encompassed by the Nallamala and Palkonda Hills which make the town an unquestionable requirement visit for voyagers. Kadapa got its name from the Telugu word “Gadapa” which means “a door”, since it is prevalently known as the gate to the city of Tirumala. The society of Kadapa contains vestiges of antiquated structures, religious structures from the period former and a characteristic charisma that engages all guests from around the country.

In 2010, Cuddapah’s spelling was changed to Kadapa, so don’t be surprised or go blank if while looking for Cuddapah Hyderabad flights, you are shown Kadapa instead of Cuddapah. Now, read through this section to get a quick insight into this historical town of Andhra Pradesh.

Somewhere around the eleventh and fourteenth centuries, Kadapa was an imperative part of the Chola Empire. Amid the later phase of the fourteenth century, the city was incorporated into the Vijayanagar Empire. The whole area of the Vijayanagar Empire was controlled by the Gandikota Nayaks for two centuries. The Nayaks went about as the governors of the Vijayanagar Empires and are credited with the development of various tanks and sanctuaries in the range.

In 1565, the Muslims of Golkonda attacked and possessed the city, and later on in 1800, by the British. The wonderful relics which were built by the Muslims can be seen here today, with the likes of the Dargah and the two towers being the most well known. The limits of Kadapa were stretched out by the administrator of Qutub Shahi, Neknam Khan, and it was named as ‘Neknamabad’. The Nawabs’ commitment to the craftsmanship and design of Kadapa was glorious. In eighteenth century, Kadapa was vanquished by Mayana rulers, who ruled it as the Nawabs of Kadapa.

In 1800, the British took Kadapa under their rule and made it the central station for one of their four subordinate collectorates. The home office was controlled by Sir Thomas Munro, who was the primary collector of the zone. The British were in charge of the development of three houses of worship in the city of Kadapa. The city turned out to be an important part of the city’s municipal corporation in the post-freedom period.

Today, Cuddapah is an offbeat, yet an inevitable historical attraction centre of Andhra Pradesh. There are some intriguing sites that you can visit here during your trip. Some of the most sought after ones are– Vontimitta, Sidhout Fort, Gandikota Fort, Tallapaka, Pushpagiri Temples, Ameen Peer Dargah, Sangameshwara Temple, etc.

The best time to visit Kadapa is between February to November, when the weather is mildly cold and makes sightseeing sheer bliss. So if you any plans to visit Hyderabad for any purpose, and also if you are one history lover, then do visit the quaint, antiquated city of Kadapa, or Cuddapah, whatever you wish to call it.

Have a great time!

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