Poultry farming is an industry in itself, and there are several factors that keep going on which is complete out of everyone’s reach. Till date, no one had the idea how much significant amount of money these farms used to pay for electricity bills. Since most of the poultry farms are found on country sides, technology has not yet reached to the farthest extent. The lamps are still made out of the oldest technologies and are the main reasons why the utility bills keep surging. It’s true that a poultry farm cannot think of completely stop using these lamps, but they can definitely think of alternative ways of reducing the excessive costs of using them and maintaining them. Just a simple modification in the lighting can help them in enhancing the efficiency and productivity, and the name of that enhancement is LED lighting.

Renowned poultry farms like Norco Ranch Eggs , who have already realized their inefficiencies in running the business, and have gone through multiple assessments within, came out with the fact that states; almost 7%-15% of the overhead cost in any poultry farm venture comprise of the energy bills. Most of the industry specific researches have shown that use of the LED lamps in the poultry farms can save up to 20% of the costs when compared to the CFL bulbs or even the incandescent ones. Although the LED lamps which have been designed for being used in the poultry farming might cost a bit more during the initial purchase, but the recurrent savings that are being done over the years prove to be highly beneficial in the longer run. Since the average span of these LED bulbs is more than 4000 hours, they prove to be worthy of the investment.

Even today, lights that are only compatible to the human eye are being used in the poultry firms or even in egg distribution centers and the reasons are quite obvious. But the studies have shown that the eyes of the fowls are more sensitive towards particular wavelengths and specific light colors as well when compared to the human eye. The chickens have been observed that they tend to be more productive with less stress towards lamps whose wavelengths exactly match the wavelength of the light from natural sunlight and moonlight and their biological cycles are even based on these stimulations. Modern LED poultry-farming lamps have been designed accordingly matching these wavelengths almost which thus could reduce the average duration of reproductive cycles and hence enhance the productivity of the poultry farms.

Since the demand of the Norco Ranch Eggs and many other reputable poultry farms are always at the higher limits, they always have to focus on the rate of their production and try all the means to keep it up. The modern LED poultry-farming lamps are not only easily compatible with most dimmers but also do not require extensive changes to the system for installation. Even technology has supported the poultry farms to grow strong in the market so that they can play a major role in contributing to the country’s economy.


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