The roof is the most expensive part of your home asset and is also the most important one as it has to withstand severe environmental impact in the form of storm, rain and other harsh weather conditions. While minor compromise in specification may be considered for construction of any part of a house or building, in case of roofs the specifications and construction have to be completely foolproof. You just cannot take any chance with roofs because problems or defects detected at a later stage can prove to be very costly. Any roofing company like can guide you in all matters of roofing.

Fast response to damage

No matter how efficiently you maintain the roof of your building, minor problems will always crop up and it has to be addressed immediately. Instead of trying to ascertain the type of problem, minor or major, which is really very difficult to make out because today’s minor problem can turn into a major problem tomorrow, it is recommended by roofing companies to address the problem as soon as it is detected. Damaged of missing shingles that might seem to be a minor problem can be the first signs of a severe problem later, hence need to be attended immediately.

Evaluation of problem

Each problem is unique and needs a tailor made solution. Long lasting and economical solutions that fit your budget can be worked out by the roofing company you consult for taking care of the roof of your home or building. These companies undertake a thorough inspection of roofs to understand the problem and then tracing it to the roots they ascertain the intensity of the problem and the extent of damage that can happen from it. The problem can be addressed by repairing the roof or if it is deep rooted then roof replacement may be required.

Repair or replacement?

  • Leaking roofs – Leaks have to be repaired as soon as it is detected as water can damage the framework which would compel you to replace the roof which is a very costly proposition. Before, it happens, leaks have to be repaired without any delay.

  • Missing shingles and curling shingles – Replacing missing or curling shingles is easy but when it is being done, checking of pipe towers, flashing details and chimneys for vulnerability can help to detect granular loss or hidden leaks which are also repaired at the same time. Shingles, flashings, pipe openings and vents can all be replaced.

  • Ageing – If the roof has crossed its longevity which is 50 years on an average then surely it needs to be replaced despite being maintained properly.

  • Roof decay – Shingles that have cracked or dried out indicates decay of roof that reduces its load bearing ability. Such roofs have to be replaced. Algae growth on roofs is common and has to be treated because if it penetrates deeply into the roof structure then roof replacement is the only option.

Proper maintenance and timely repairs by roofing companies like can ensure that roofs last the lifetime without the need of replacing it, which is a costly proposition.


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