Those who are a little chivalrous in nature must have dreams of joining the military or the police force, because chivalry is one of the prime requisites of any employee of this department. Courage to stand up for the right and more importantly against the wrong is a mandatory characteristic for those intending to join the force.

It is generally noticed that the inclination towards joining the police force, is either due to hereditary or some inherent desire to serve the community at large. The job of a law enforcement officer is not an easy one, and so all those who wish to enrol into any of its department need to first understand the basic requirements of the department so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. The job of a police officer is also among this, and it is a post that takes a while to reach to. Of course, the demand of police officers is on the increasing side these days, because of the growing crime rates.

Becoming a police officer entails with it a lot of dedication and perseverance as was done by Brad Sterling born and raised in West Allis. He served in the police force for fifteen long years and rose from the position of an officer to a corporal and finally to that of a detective till the time he retired. His work consisted of a wide range, while he did patrolling at night for many years; he also took care of sensitive crime scenes and special investigations.

It is not sufficient to want to become a police officer, you need to work towards it diligently and with complete focus and prepare yourself both physically and mentally. The other main requirements begin with a diploma of the high school, being a graduate is also essential. In order to qualify for the police force your resume would be more appreciated if you had an Associate’s degree in criminal justice or even pre law.

Your educational qualification needs to be supported by your medical qualification. There is by no means in which you can think of being selected in the police force if you are a drug addict. Your physical fitness is one of the prime concerns of the police department for obvious reasons. It is hence advisable that you follow a strict diet in order to ensure proper body weight and agility. Be aware that your physical abilities will be put to test for you to qualify. So, it is best you prepare yourself accordingly with the help of regular exercise and workout sessions.

Following the qualification, you will be required to undergo rigorous training at the police academy which may last from 3 months to a year. There are several procedures you have to go through before becoming a police officer, and even after you have become one you will still be required to train with respect to specializations. So, you see It is only if you have the dedication that Brad Sterling had you will be able to fulfil your eagerness to serve as a police officer.


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