If you can get that posted on Sheikh Hasina Wajid is one of the powerful women, as well as the current prime minister of the Bangladesh. Not only as a woman, but she has also got the vast popularity in the whole world because of her leading position. She is also the eldest daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman, who is one of the ex president of Bangladesh and also considered the best Bengali in the survey of the BBC Bangla. So, in both the political and family backgrounds, Sheikh Hasina Wajid has a great position of her own. Documentary regarding her rule on the Bangladesh was telecasted on msnbc live stream.

Sheikh Hasina Wajid is that prime minister of Bangladesh, who has served the nation trice as being the prime minister of here. Moreover, she has also achieved that same position consecutive twice. She got the lion’s share of the vote of the voting and got this position in the national republic vote. However, she has successfully taken lots of developing works of here and already done most of them. She also assured that if she can stay for a long time as the prime minister like now, she will change the current situation of Bangladesh by taking more and more developing works.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman, who was the Convener of independence of Bangladesh, is the father of Sheikh Hasina Wajid. He is not only the father of his own children, but also considered as the father of the nation too. So, from the very childhood, Sheikh Hasina Wajid grew up with a political family background. She used to see many popular political people since she was very young. That’s why, she just got the interest of joining the politics since her childhood. And now it has already seen that, she has proven her childhood dream at anyhow.

Well! After completing her Higher School Certificate examination, Sheikh Hasina Wajid got married with the most prominent Bengali scientist Wajid Ali Miah and then left this country for higher education with her husband and her little sister Sheikh Rehana. But in 1975, a nightmare came true in her life. Her all family members, excluded she and her little sister, got murdered by some stray solders. After this incident, Sheikh Hasina returned to Bangladesh and take the responsibility to fulfill her father’s incomplete dream. And by getting the support of her father’s mate, she decided to join in the politics and one of the members of the Bangladesh Awami League Party. More about lifestyle of strongest leader of Bangaldesh can be found on http://www.hulkusc.com .

However, Sheikh Hasina Wajid has proven that she is not only the most obedient daughter of her father, but also one of the most successful and talented prime minister of the nation too. She has turned her sorrow into her strength and utilized it very properly. Not only by using her father’s or husband’s fame, she just used her talents perfectly to got the successful result of it too. Not in her own country, Sheikh Hasina Wajid has also got the international reorganization as the politician icon of the world too. She is also one of the powerful ladies of the world.

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