Among all the irate feelings that customers have towardscustomer care departments, waitingon-hold is the major issue. “This is aweful!” is what all customers say who have terrible experience with the customer care representatives. Wasting customer’s time on hold is not only the impairment coming straight from long call holds. On top of that, it leads to huge damage to the business reputation itself. Failing to attend customer calls and not giving them appropriate respond can cause your business into the trouble. It not only diminishes the business outcomes, but also takes your customer away.

The average lost productivity hasmarked the cost $ 130 billionby the year, which is not an insignificant amount,irrespective of the size of any company.However, there is no point of losing hope.Making some changes in the inbound call centre service’s strategy can bring favorable results that not only helps in improving customer satisfaction rate, but also uplift call centre performance.

In this guest blog, you can see some strategic ways to improve inbound call centre services, which, in turn, increases the customer satisfaction level.

Call-back option:In this customer-centric era, keeping up with the customer needs is the order of the day to achieve competitive edge. More than 75% of customerswant to avail call-back option rather than being kept on-hold forthe long time. Additionally, there is about 50% of customers that only require exact wait time information. So, implementing call back option will not only reduces customer’s frustration, but also save your time, money and energy. In this way, you will surelyresult in enhanced business productivity, helping you to save huge bucks and achieve sustainable growth.

Creating customer care agent’s team:Partnering up with the call centre agents is like taking the business strategy in the right direction. It helps companies in the different ways. This technique boost agent’s morale. In addition, the team of call centre agents get to learn from one another, develop better employee relationship, enhance their skills, increase their exposure, and create harmony, which leads to healthier work environment in the inbound call centre. All these attributes, in overall, contribute to strengthen customer satisfaction.

Focusing on customer experiences: In inbound call centre services, it is important to reward customer care reps on the basis of their performancein delivering great customer experience. This encourages positive competition among other employees.This will set new standards of performancefor inbound call centres. The process ofevaluatingagent’s performance should completely bebased on the outcomes of customer experience. In this manner, achievementswill becomes inspiration for the call centre agents and mistakes will becomes lessons.

Regular training sessions:Providing ongoing training sessions is essential to keep all the customer care agents updated with latest industrytrends and customer’s expectations.Engaging customer care agents into regular sessions can further help to improve general aptitude skills, call handling techniques and first call resolutions skills. Most of the inbound call centres keep this at the lowest priority which is going to be the bigger mistake in the future. Capturing an insight into the complete business perspective can create awareness among team of call centre representatives. In thismanner, they will be in better position to build brand reputation and maintain its core values.

Call monitoring: In the inbound call centre, there should be an experienced agent (call cenhtremanager)who is responsible to monitor call quality and customer service standards.Allowing call centre managers to guide customer care reps will help inquick error resolution. With the help of proper monitoring, call centre agents can enhance their performance and perform up to the mark in ensuring great customer services.

Exemplify good performance: Call monitoring featureenablesmanagerto analysethe performance of every call. This performance will highlight some agents who are performing well and will also highlight the weak ones.Hence, the managers at the inbound call centre can set the example of good performersin front of the others. This, in turn, helps call centre reps to learn and focus on skills to improve their performance.

All these significant efforts will help enhance inbound call centre services and boost overall productivity.

Shubhi Gupta is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.


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