As with all relationships in any business entity, there may be occasions when the individual partners in a strategic business partnership experience a difference of opinion among themselves regarding how to conduct the day-to-day affairs of the business enterprise effectively and efficiently. Such differences may even arise with regard to the implementation of a particular business strategy or execution of a lucrative business project. If individual partners to a strategic business partnership do not resolve their differences quickly and effectively, they could turn into   bitter conflicts and can even lead to the dissolve of the partnership business.

Anura Perera, a prominent expert on how effective and successful strategic business partnerships operates, says that it is imperative for all the individual partners to a strategic business partnership to come together and resolve their differences amicably for the smooth running of the business. The Anura Perera Anglo Leasing  office experts emphasizes that the individual partners should adopt the following tactics to resolve any potential conflict that may arise among them quickly and amicably:

  1. Identify the contentious issue or problem

To resolve any conflict effectively and amicably, it is imperative to identify the contentious issue or problem that is causing the difference of opinion among the partners. In such a situation, it is essential for all the individual partners to have a open mind and hear each other’s point of view on the issue that is causing the conflict. More importantly, the individual partners need to separate the contentious issue or problem from the aggravated party. It is imperative for the partners to realize that they may be other motives of an individual partner or external forces that are causing and influencing the conflict within the partnership business.

  1. Discover what the individual partners want

In order to resolve a contentious issue and solve a particular problem within the strategic partnership business, it is imperative for all individual partners to know what they want. For instance, a particular partner may have been able to enhance the revenue of the business with the combined effort of all the partners. However, the aggravated partner’s individual goal to exploit other lucrative markets may remain unfulfilled due to amount of time he/she spent on enhancing the revenue.

  1. Identify and evaluate alternative solution

All entrepreneurs are creative and innovative people with unique problem solving abilities and individual partners of strategic business partnership are no different. It is imperative for all the individual partners to get together, sit down and have a brainstorming session to find an amicably and mutually acceptable solution to the contentious issue or problem even if the solution requires some partners to bending backwards to accommodate others .

  1. Make a decision

Once the individual partners have a number of possible solutions before them that they can adopt and it is possible for them to narrow down the possibilities, it is imperative for all of them to adopt a solution that all they mutually accept. Moreover, all the partners should be comfortable with such a solution.

Anura Perera says that it is equally imperative for all the partners to follow up and evaluate their decision for smooth and efficient running of the partnership business. The Anura Perera Anglo Leasing office will give you more valuable and customized tips for your business with success!


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