Are you passionate for economics? Do you wish to have a career in the financial world? The Economics Cambridge Summer School is a course which will help you develop your prior knowledge of economics. You will be taught how to apply the economic theories practically through the analysis and economic strategies. The course will teach you the history of modern economic systems and also the theories of supply and demand, micro and macro-economics, game theory, and market failure.

The course is offered by the Summer School Cambridge University and it targets the students who are between 15-18 years old from around the world. The students are expected to be fluent in English. The course is insightful and inspirational and always takes two weeks. The teaching approach is usually through tutorials and seminars.

Student gets to know how economic success is realized through the use of case studies of countries like China and commercial organizations like Apple. Students are also taught concepts credit and debt by highly regarded tutors in the world of economics. You finally, participants acquire a thorough understanding of the factors that contribute to economic success of nations.cambridgeimmers

The Economics Cambridge Summer School is an ideal course for the students who are planning to pursue Economics and the related disciplines at the university level. At the school, students develop and enhance their analytical skills and build on their prior knowledge in economics. The students get to ask themselves why some businesses fail while others succeed. The course also prepares the students for their life at university.

Prior knowledge in the discipline of Economics or other related disciplines is not necessary but any prior experience is beneficial. If the students do not have prior knowledge, they are required to show how passionate they are about the discipline by indicating any readings in the subject in their application forms.

The course is challenging and at the same time very exciting. The participants learn in small groups which increases their individual academic contacts. The students are introduced to the topics they expect to learn at university.

Apart from tutorials and seminars, there are workshops including Interview Skills which develop the confidence and economic tenacity which are important in conducting an interview. Personal Statements workshops enable the students to draft good personal statements used when making applications to top universities or applying for Thinking Skills Test which assist in assessing if the students have the required skills and aptitudes.

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