Every year a diaspora of young students leaves the Indian sub-continent for abroad educational institutions. Favorite destinations are UK, USA and Australia. Which reasons urge these brilliant brains to face the uncertainties of a new life in countries which are at the opposite antipode of their homeland under every respects? In a nutshell, international institutions are more appealing than Indian ones, offering dynamic courses with plenty of cutting edge technologies and providing universally recognized qualifications. The opportunity to fully learn and explore a foreign language plays also an important role in choosing to study abroad, as well as the numerous and attractive career options for those which eventually decide not to go back to India.


Most of the Indian students living and studying abroad report the traumatic cultural shock when they first have to deal with the frenetic attitude toward life characterizing Western countries. Coming from a culture which values contemplativeness and non-action, they freak out finding themselves surrounded by millions people scheduling every single minute, even the chill out time!

How surviving in a foreign country, reaching a good level of integration without losing your own identity?


  • Know your new land. Be eager to learn as much as you can of the country you’re going to live in: habits, traditions, music, literature, and whatever can help you diving deep in its culture: every single notion will boost your chances to meet actively with native people, making your integration much easier.
  • Prepare your journey carefully. Papers, documents, Visa… everything has to be in complete compliance with the international regulations, especially with all the security issues world is going through nowadays. Be also sure to know the geo-climatic features of the place you are moving to: a student from Kerala setting in Alaska can really have some tough time if not adequately equipped to cope with the harsh North American winters!

It’s time to pack your stuff and take off! Many websites and blogs offer several tips on how travelling light and in the cheapest possible way. All the aspects of the journey, flights, connections to airports, bus trips, hotels and hostels, are exhaustively dissected under a low-badge student perspective.


  • Bureaucracy and bureaucracy! Be sure to regularize your position with both the Indian embassy and the government office responsible for immigration, in order to get a temporary citizenship.
  • Be active and effective. Besides increasing your network of friends, a constant and dynamic presence in the campus life will allow you to take advantage of the available resources. Scholarships for international students, for example, are offered by many institutions and governments. Also several employment programs offer internships for students, representing a smart way to take the first step into the real professional world.
  • Ask! It is absolutely usual to face with difficulties when moving to a foreign country: everything is different, structure of courses, schedules, studying methods ……don’t be afraid to ask! Do you have, for example, problems with syntax and style when writing? Many websites offer a first-class essay writer service.
  • Earn some extra money. Not all internships are paid, but you can improve your income in many ways: the request for part time jobbers is always strong, especially in the areas surrounding campuses.
  • Be safe! Be aware that every civilization model has lights and shadows! Avoid drugs, alcohol and bad companies: besides distracting you from your academic duties, they can turn really dangerous! Focus on your education and go for some physical activity instead: sports campus life is extremely lively and offers plenty of opportunities for a healthy amusement. If you are not in sport, check the numerous cultural student clubs.
  • Be Indian! Your different ethnicity and cultural heritage are valuable resources, use them to create curiosity around your person and your homeland. Food and music, for example, have an unbelievable power of mingling people.


I know it may sound trite, but being yourself is the best way you can really grow in a harmonious way, wherever you are. Being open to the upcoming new yet without giving up your roots, will certainly allow you to learn the culture of a foreign country, contributing as well to make it grow in a better and richer way.


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