Oral hygeine is the most important part for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dental problems may be popular among children but adults also need to take extra care as dental problems may lead to other diseases. Dental cavities and tooth decay is one of the most common medical conditions experienced by people and more commonly seen among children.  I was returning home on my bike from work on a weekend when a car jumped a red signal and threw me off the road. I was wearing a helmet and all the safety precautions but my face banged on a lamp post by the side walk. I was unconscious for 15 minutes but after I woke up I was missing 2 teeth. My lips were swollen from the impact and mouth was bleeding.  The ambulance quickly took me to the hospital where the doctor told me I had a mild concussion. I recovered from the injuries in a matter of a week but I was still missing those 2 teeth I lost in the accident.  My lips were still hurting so I decided when I would recover 100% I would go to a dentist to get the problem fixed. After 2 weeks I was recovered and on the lookout for a good dentist. All the dentists I went to were really expensive and I was regretting not having dental insurance.  I felt ashamed because my face was looking very weird. After searching for 2 days I found a good Cosmetic dentist.

The moment I stepped into their clinic I felt very comfortable and the staff they had appointed was very polite. I did not expect this kind of service in a dentist’s clinic but all in all I was happy I chose him. I had a thorough consultation with the dentist and he took a look at the damage that had happened.  He said that the teeth that fell off one of them was not fully out a part of it was still attached. So he suggested that we remove the remaining part of the tooth by root canal and then put in Dental Implants. They made a porcelain design of my teeth to decide what size and the implants should be like. They scheduled the root canal for the next day and I was happy because I was going to get my teeth fixed finally and that too from a reputed and experienced dentist. The root canal was successful and I was hoping the implants would be ready after a week but they had managed to get the Teeth in a day which was amazing, I thought the doctor was joking but they actually had them. I was very happy with their service and their treatment. It took them only 1 day to do the root canal and fix in the new implants. I was out of the clinic in the evening with my new shiny teeth.  The work they did was amazing and with the amount of time that did it in was the thing that impressed me the most.

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