An unhealthy lifestyle, increasing use of processed foods, and a predilection for junk food are only some of the many factors that contribute to a lack of proper nourishment. Many of the physical and even psychological problems we face today arise from the lack of adequate nutrition. Tiring easily, hair fall, skin ailments, frequent ill-health, stunted growth in children, anaemia, and even depression can be traced to a protein or vitamin deficiency.

  • Food that you need

Calcium, iron, Vitamin C, magnesium, and protein are some among the many nutrients we should be consuming every day.While it may not be possible to stick to a diet which provides you with just the right amount of each of these nutrients, it helps to find a health supplement which takes care of your needs.

  • Identify your needs

Various health supplements are available on your online medical shop. There are oftendifferent prescriptions for women, men, children, senior citizens, sports persons and so on. To buy one which suits your specific needs, it is imperative to identify what you aim to benefit from ingesting supplements.

  • Consult a doctor

A doctor does more than help you feel better when you are ill. He or she is also the best person to advise you on how to best take care of your health. Consult your doctor before you buy a health supplement, so that he may recommend one which provides you with the maximum benefits. Your doctor may need to run a few tests to identify your nutritional deficiencies if any!medicines online in India

  • Choose a trusted brand

Most health supplements adhere to the government’s directions on the recommended amount of minerals and medicines which each supplement should have. To make sure that you are consuming the right amount of supplements, make sure you purchase a trusted brand, preferable one which has been recommended by your doctor. You can buy your medicines online in India.

  • Be Regular

While a supplement is not a medicine, it is important to take it regularly in the prescribed dosage to ensure it is effective.

  • Try Alternative Medicine

Traditional Indian Medicines like ayurvedic medicines or homeopathic medicines use natural ingredients to make health supplements which have few or no side-effects. They are easily available at an online medicine shop, and can be bought from the comfort of your home.

  • Get some sun

Not all vitamins come from food. People are increasingly suffering from vitamin-D deficiency and the best remedy for this is to soak up some sun. This helps the body manufacture Vitamin D. Adopt an active lifestyle which makes sure you get plenty of exercise, and gives you the opportunity to spend time outdoors!

While supplements are the easy way out, they can in no way replace the need for nutritious wholesome food. Experts state unequivocally that supplements can only plug small gaps in your diet, not replace the need for food. Incorporate fresh whole fruits, raw or steamed vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, pulses and other foods in your diet to ensure that you receive a complete meal.

Zigy, an online health store makes health supplements available to you online, and delivers them to your doorstep easily and quickly in the aim to keep you healthy and happy!


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