Hairstyles have always been trending it is more prevalent now due to the influx of social media. Now, there is no such thing as an out-of-date hairstyle, because everyone is emulating everyone. Down through the years styles have changed from one color to another, from curl to straight, from long to short and back again, and from everything in between. Hair Styles2

Hairstyles of the 50s & 60s
During the early years of style movie stars set the trend. Everyone wanted to look like a movie star, even the men.

Women styles – Beehive, Bouffant, Bob, Bubble Cut, Cropped, Curls, Fringe, Italian Cut, Pageboy, Pixie, Ponytail, Poodle, Quiff, Straight, Texture, Updo, Waves
Men styles – Bowl, Crew Cut, Ducktail, Greaser, Moptop, Pompadour, Processed, Side Swept, Slicked Back, Waves

Hairstyles of the 70s & 80s
During this time were the activists, exercise, and disco years. The style was more carefree and flowing, evens the men. Totally shaved heads gained popularity among men. The sideburns of the 1960s and 1970s saw a massive decline in fashion in late 1970s. Big and eccentric hair styles were popularized by film and music stars, in particular amongst teenagers. It was these hairstyles that the 80s became iconic for. Although straight hair was the norm at the beginning of the decade, as many late 1970s styles were still relevant.

Women Styles – Afro, Asymmetrical, Bighair, Cornrows, Dippity-Do, Dreadlocks, Feathered, Flicks, Flip, Frizzy, Halo Curls, Jheri Curl, Layered, Loose Curl, Mohican, Mullet, Natural, Punk Rock, Shag, Side Ponytails, Spike, Wedge
Men Styles – Afro, Bogbrush, Dreadlocks, Hi-top Fade, Flat-top, Mohawk, Mohican, Mullet, Mutton chop, Natural, Pageboy, Poodle Perm, Poof, Punk Rock, Purdey, Rattail, Rooster, Rudeboy, Shag, Skinhead, Spike, Surfer

Hairstyles of the 90s & 2000
During this time the grunge look met with the business look and both came into play, and sophistication was the theme for both.

Women Styles – Bangs, Bantu Knots, Bedhead, Braids, Candy Curls, Crimped, Curly Afro, Curly, Feathered Bangs, Fishtail, Flipped Bob, Layered, Lob, Microbraids, Pigtails, Pixie Cut, Plaits, Ringlets, Side Swept, Spikey, Straight, Super Slick Gelled,
Men Styles – Bleach Tip, Bowl, Braids, Britpop, Caesar Cut, Crew Cuts, Curtains, Floppy, Grunge, Ponytail, Quiff Variant, Spike

Current Hair Trends
Now any style is current hair trends and since the huge flux of the social media anyone can set the trend and it can spread like wild fire.

Women Styles – Afros, Asymmetrical, Bedhead Bangs, Bob, Braided, Curly, Curly Afros, Emo, Layered, Loose Braid, Mohawks, Pigtails, Pixie, Ponytail, Shag, Straight, Topknot, Tousled, Undercut, Updo, Wavy
Men Styles – Clean Cut, Clipper Cut, Curly, Mohawks, Tapered Fade, Short Layers, Side Swept, Spike, Straight, Wavy

Comparison Hair Styles – Past and Present
The past styles have always returned and with a new spin once entering into the present.

Future Hairstyles
So, what does the future hold for the next generation? What can they do that hasn’t already been met with the scissors, styling brush, color, hairspray, gel, and even mousse? Well, the possibilities are still endless. If you think you have seen it all, think again.


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