Top Reasons To Use Responsive Design In The Websites

The ease of availability of smart devices has shifted the use of internet from desktop to hand-held smart devices. Moreover, researches have predicted previously that the use of internet on mobile device will overtake the Internet usage on desktops). This states that it is a must for the businesses to ensure their websites are mobile compatible. Compatibility of websites with mobile devices means they have been built with responsive approach.

Responsive website design also states that the site will easily adapt to the screen size on diverse platforms for providing excellent user experience. Moreover, the scalability of such designs on a range of platforms is another reason to opt for such designing. If we consider the technical aspect, responsive website design is the final result of individual URL+single content+specific code+CSS3 queries. Such web designs aim at crafting sites so that users must have exceptional experience while browsing the site.

Why Use Responsive Design In The Website?

Include responsive web designing for attaining the following benefits.

  1. Successful SEO Results

The giant search engine Google has also accepted the importance of responsive designing for providing higher web ranking. Because the of the reason, Google has clearly indicated that it would prefer only those websites in the search engine results that are made with the responsive approach. As responsive websites use single URLs, it becomes easy for search engines to index a site and show it at the top of the search result. With such an approach in hand, it also gets simple to reduce the on-page search engine optimization errors.

  1. One Website For a Range Of Devices

This is the best and the most tempting aspect for the web owners to opt for responsive websites. It is a well-known aspect that such websites scale well over a number of devices, which in turn decline the requirement to design separate websites for different platforms. However, responsive websites equally serve at different platforms; thus, choosing this strategy will offer great benefits to the visitors (with exceptional user experience) and to owners (cost-effectiveness in terms of money invested in responsive website development).

  1. RWD Help Developers Focus On Writing Better Codes

Every single aspect of the website counts when it comes to ranking it higher on search engines. More to it, responsive website design forces the developers to write better codes that further count for the success of the website. As developers will be entitled to write better codes, they are sure to focus on every aspect of the coding that will provide the best result throughout the process of website development. Cleaner, concise and specific codes have benefits that include better page speed, usability and concrete SEO results.

  1. Site Usability Makes Visitors Happy

Contended users are sure to visit specific pages wherein they have an excellent user experience. RWD or responsive website design always leads visitors to experience unique UX and if the website is providing greater usability, users will frequently check the site. Moreover, making your website compatible to diverse platforms with responsive designing is not just ensuring its visibility to different platforms but it is the strategy of taking your website to the next level altogether.

  1. Faster Web Loading Speed

WebToday, it is an important feature of the websites to load faster over search engines, otherwise the users will switch to similar other sites. Users are busy professionals and thus, they will not devote much of their precious time while waiting for sites to load. Responsive web design is the perfect solution to offer to the visitors so that they can have excellent browsing experience while visiting the site. Responsive websites load easily over search engines as they are coded to be compatible across all the channels.

  1. Less Maintenance Cost

A responsive website is much easier to maintain rather than keeping an eagle’s eye on the separate versions of websites. Before responsive designing made its advent, a number of web owners were considering two different versions of websites to use as desktop and mobile specific site. This was nothing but an additional cost on the maintenance of two different websites. With responsive designing in hand, single website serves for different purposes and gets updated at instant speed. This makes maintenance work easy for the web developers.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile devices are most commonly used gadgets and therefore, visitors are likely to check the website on their smartphones only. In case, you are still lacking your responsive website, you are missing a big share of profit that can easily be grabbed with this simple yet effective strategy. Therefore, consider the benefits of responsive design and hire web developers for creating the engaging responsive websites.

Author bio: Williams Heilmann has vast experience in responsive website development. He currently works with PSDtoWordPressExpert, a dedicated WordPress Development Company. His experience in the field helps him write engaging blogs.

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