Years of negligence and constant reckless exploitation of planet earth have ensured that human beings suffer the consequence of the horrible effects of global warming as a result of increasing pollution levels. Although human beings face the threat of extinction and are constantly warned by terrible natural calamities, there are little reforms that can really undo the damage. Nevertheless, there are some methods to save mother earth that are being implemented all over the world. These include the usage of environment friendly materials, recycling, LED lights, planting more trees and technologies that can reduce the amount of poisonous emissions into the atmosphere. One of these nature saving technologies is the green car technology.

Now, nature friendly car technologies are many such as Electric Vehicle technology, Fuel Cell car technology and Hybrid car technology, but among these the Hybrid cars are most popular around the world. Hybrid cars offer the convenience of conventional cars, while being eco-friendly and much cheaper than the Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars which are considered the absolute green cars, but are yet to come in a big way.

hybrid car

The Hybrid cars make use of two engines – a compact and fuel efficient gasoline mill to offer the conventional car-like performance and power and an electric motor which supports the gasoline engine for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, while also able to run the car on a full EV mode that makes Hybrids really green cars. The hybrid cars also have the capability to automatically switch from the electric motor to gasoline engine depending on the various driving situations.

While in India, the Hybrid cars are not as popular as in the international markets, they are really coming up in terms of demands and popularity. As Hybrid cars are the need of the hour, car majors are also trying to entice the buyers with superb Hybrid vehicle models. However, there are some things that one should know before buying a Hybrid car.

Here is a list of top 6 things to know and think over before buying a hybrid car:

Cost Effectiveness

Hybrid cars are actually easy on your pocket in the long run. The Hybrid cars are not only eco-friendly and meant for the nature friendly people. By buying a hybrid car you not only do your bit to save mother earth, but also your hard earned money. This is because the Hybrid cars are more frugal than the conventional cars. Filling the fuel tank of a Hybrid car to its fullest capacity would mean you will not be visiting the gas station very soon, and your visits to the petrol pump will be definitely much lesser as compared to the conventional petrol run cars. This means you get to save fuel costs and as a result your daily running costs of the vehicle will be much lesser than a conventional car. Thus, over the years you will save a lot on petrol costs with a Hybrid car which is not possible with a regular petrol model.

Moreover, the Hybrid car models depreciate at a slower rate than the conventional cars, and the parts of a Hybrid car model also come with longer warranties. This means more savings and more peace of mind.

hybrid car

Expensive Price Tags

It is a reality that Hybrid cars are more expensive than regular cars and they come with pretty jaw-dropping price tags, unless you are going for mild-hybrid cars which are currently available in India. Actual full hybrid cars cost much more than the conventional petrol cars as they use sophisticated technology and come as luxury cars in India. However, they are expected to get more affordable over the time as the Indian government offer better policies for the sustainable cars. There’s already the FAME policy under which the locally manufactured and assembled mild-hybrids, EVs and luxury hybrid cars are getting subsidies. However, the imported Hybrid cars do not enjoy any tax benefits and their price tags are quite sky-high.

Battery Myth

There has been a myth that the batteries of the hybrid cars are not long lasting and need to be replaced frequently increasing the maintenance costs. However, the truth is the modern Hybrid cars come with sophisticated long lasting batteries and can withstand heavy usage. The replacement batteries are also much cheaper than before. These batteries are so capable that they might even outlive the car.

Non-racing Capabilities

If you are considering buying a proper luxury Hybrid car and expect it to offer the speed and performance of a conventional luxury car, then you’ll be disappointed. While Hybrid cars do offer smooth and reliable performance matching the drive quality of conventional luxury cars, they are not speed mongers, as they were never meant to race but offer great fuel efficiency. However, with time even the Hybrid cars are being prepared to offer more speed and better power with advanced technology.

Helping To Save The Planet

This is actually the first and foremost reason that one should go for a quality hybrid car. The atmosphere is getting filled with more poisonous gas as the increasing number of automobiles on the roads all over the world release toxic exhausts. Hybrid cars have much lower emission rates and release around 90 percent less pollutants as against the conventional cars. Lower emissions and the usage of less fuel means doing your bit to save Mother Nature for own your own good.

Hybrid Car Options

In India more and more hybrid cars are coming up as the demands pick up, thus going for a hybrid car does not mean buying only a Toyota Prius. Now, there are several options like the Toyota Camry Hybrid (the top selling hybrid in India), the newly launched Honda Accord Hybrid and the more luxurious and expensive BMW i8. However, if you are not up to spending too much on these luxury Hybrid models, then you can also opt for the much more affordable mild-Hybrid diesel models that good old Maruti Suzuki offers. These affordable yet highly fuel efficient mild-hybrid models include the Maruti Ciaz SHVS and the Maruti Ertiga SHVS.

Shubhi Gupta is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.


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