Trends of Film Industry and Their Impact on Society

We are living in an era of massive entertainment society, which is directly connected to the trends followed in the film industry. These trends can prove to be a boon as well as bane to our society. We would find not even a single person who has escaped from the trends being followed in cinema. Therefore, we can say that cinema is the genuine reflector, as films have a direct impact on people.

As the trends of Indian cinema are changing, so is their reflection on Indian culture and society. However, the question is, why and how? The answer is perception, the way of looking at movies. Trends in Film industry have positive as well as negative impact on our culture, ethical, social and on aesthetic values.

Film Industry & Its Influence

If you look movie as a medium of mass communication then we will observe the message that movie conveys. Some movies are historical and influence the audiences towards their culture to teach our new generation about our culture and what their distant relatives did for their country.

For example, the recent released are “Neerja” and “Airlift” that shows the how the great hero’s sacrifice their live and give a patriotic message to us.

As a marketing and advertising tool, it has a great impact on the companies who invest their money for their products names to appear in the movie. This trend is very popular and it really works because people see their favorite star using these products that imitate us to buy that product as we all have our idols to which we like to dress, eat and even act.

The youth of our society is highly influenced by the on-going trends in cinema. Let’s take an example of recent release “Udta Punjab”, this movie conveys a very strong message for the youth to avoid drugs as much as possible and to help others to get de-addicted. However, 30% of the youth will take this message positively and what about 70%? We all know, most of us will try to have drugs whosever has not taken yet, some will get an idea to supply the drugs as a business, and they’ll indulge in anti-social activities.

Actually, this happens with most of the releases. If you take the example of movie “PK”, the logic behind the story was absolutely fine that not to trust on anyone blindly whether that person is a saint or not. But then again, the movie was not released all over India because of some communal issues. Many people tried to spoil communal harmony of our society.

And of course, how could we forget latest wrap trends going in our society pioneered by Honey Singh as “Yo Yo” and that made film makers to include a song in movies that would have a Punjabi or Haryana based wraps , otherwise no one is interested in listening to the songs. So definitely, it depends upon you that how you understand the logic behind every story.

Lastly, I would say that though the film industry has a potential to influence our society as the trends and people’s reaction are influenced by these movies and vice versa. In both the case, impact can be positive as well as negative. To get some information about such interesting topics, visit Weetjij.

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