Types of Lights and their use

Before installing lights to your home, office or garden from scratch it is always necessary for you to know the types of light available. When you have a complete knowledge of bulbs that are available, you can easily make out the light requirement of any area of your home, office, outdoor etc.

Halogen Bulbs: These bulbs are a kind of incandescent bulb technology and works when electricity is passed through the filaments of the bulb. The filament of the halogen bulb is made up of tungsten. The filaments are surrounded by halogen gas and so this bulb is called halogen bulbs. The light produced from halogen bulbs are white and are more efficient.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps: These are modern lights that work like fluorescent bulbs. These lights produce little heat and gives efficient light. These compact fluorescent lights generally consists short glass sticks and small loops in tube shape. You cannot use these lights with dimmers. These lights can work up to 10,000 hours.

Fluorescent Lights: The fluorescent lights works when current is passed through a tube filled with argon gas and mercury. The current is when passed through the tube emits a fluorescent light as the phosphorus coating is bombarded. These lights although provides good light but are not heated a lot. The life of fluorescent bulb is also good with approx. 20,000 hours.

High Intensity Discharge Lamps: Lights such as metal halide, mercury vapor, High pressure sodium etc. are high intensity discharge lights. These lights are produced when the electrical arc across tungsten that is inside a glass tube is strike with a tungsten electrode. Both gas and metal are filled in the tube. The gas helps in burning the lamp initially and when the lamp starts burning the light is produced by heating the metal.

Low-Pressure Sodium Lamps: The low pressure sodium lamps are very different form the normal commercial sodium lamps. These sodium lamps emit yellow light and operate similarly like any other fluorescent light. These lamps are good if you are looking to install lights outside of your home, roads and parking’s.

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