When it comes to helmets for Harley Davidson, you probably go for a stylish one, revealing your enthusiasm for speed and love for your bike. If you are going to buy it, this article will be an advantage. This article talks about different types of helmets, and also provides you some useful tips to keep them intact for longer time.

You can pick any of the following types of Helmets–

Full Face

It will cover your entire skull with a protective section over the front of the chin. They come with a visor that can be swiveled up and down as per the convenience. Along with this, it also comes with vents that ensure optimum airflow to the rider’s head.

Open Face

The design includes a rear for complete back protection. This type provides the same skull protection as full face headgear, but do not come with a visor. You can use it with goggle, meeting meet Australian Standard AS 1609-1981. You can also get chopper helmets for Harley’s in open face style.


Flip-Up include features of both full face and open face helmets. Sometimes, they are called “convertible” or “flip-face”. It looks like a full face one, when fully assembled and closed. This type comes with a chin-bar that saves you from frontal impacts. The chin bar pivots upwards to ensure access to most of the face like an open face helmet.

Dual Purpose

These types are a hybrid of on-road and off-road helmets. It comes with elongated chin and visor portions for complete safety from impacts. The chin bar and a partially open face ensure protection of the rider and flow of air to the head. The visor protects the rider’s face from flying debris, dust while riding the Harley Davidson.

Tips for helmet maintenance

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction.

  • Store your helmet safely in a helmet bag.

  • A helmet should always be placed at rest with the chinstrap facing down.

  • A helmet should be kept away from cleaning fluids and petrol; these can affect its material.

Suggestion: Always go for a helmet that meets standards of the Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) 1698.

There are many online retailers in Australia of German Style Harley Helmet and other types, suiting style of your beloved bike.


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