We are all hearing about the smart drugs and all natural supplements called nootropics that are making people more alert, focused, energized, and less stressed. These supplements are allowing people to function better and be more effective without harsh side effects. They are taking the place of dangerous prescription drugs like Adderall and Xanax.


No doubt, they have our attention. But what do these nootropics actually do? Corpina is an industry leader in the field. They tell us that in order for a supplement to be classified as a nootropic, it has to actually improve brain functions. Here are a few ways that happen:

  • They increase oxygen to the brain
  • They increase nutrients to the brain by way of increasing blood flow
  • Nootropics reduce inflammation of the brain
  • They supply nutrition that some people are lacking due to dietary restrictions
    • Vegetarians
    • People who limit carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
    • People who do not get enough fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Minimizes the effects of aging
  • Stimulates brain chemicals that make you feel good and less stressed
  • Protects the brain from toxins

In fact, nootropics are a highly effective and scientifically proven method of improving brain health. If the substance does not improve brain health, it is not a nootropic.

Tips for staying focused and beating stress while taking Nootropics

It has been firmly established that nootropics work. But, like anything else, we have to work with our bodies to retrain them and get away from destructive behaviors. Is is not enough to feel that you can stay focused if you do not apply that to your work. It is not enough that you can feel more energized, have better memory and the ability to rest better if you continue to pile on more to an already overloaded schedule and refuse to rest when your body needs to recover. The brain is a muscle and muscles must be exercised. Here are a few tips to help you retrain yourself while taking the supplements.

  • Prioritize

This sounds like something you think you already do. Most people do not effectively prioritize, You may have a plan in your mind about what needs to be done. But if every time your cell phone rings you stop to answer it, or you pop out a few emails from your smartphone while in a meeting or just “take care of one detail” when you are supposed to be working on a different project. You are not prioritizing. You are fooling yourself into thinking you are multitasking and that is another word for not giving 100% to anything. When you are working on something. Set a time limit that you will not compromise, If you set aside 3 hours to work on inventory, then for 3 hours you have no cell phone, email, coworkers, or other projects. You will be amazed at what you can get done with a few hours of uninterrupted time.

  • Breathing

Breathing correctly improves every part of the brain and body. It relieves stress and it forces you to slow down. This should be done a few times every day. You simply concentrate on your breathing. Inhale deeply, expanding the stomach muscles while you count to 8. You exhale slowly until the collapse while counting to 10. The numbers are not important. As long as you exhale longer than you inhale.

Learn to unplug your technology and reconnect with your own mental abilities. Learn what each nootropic does and slowly learn to build stacks that enhance what you want to build on. The minimal effort this requires is rewarded with a sharp mind, mental clarity, focus, and a determination to take you as far as you want to go.


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