The fish is a great animal. Its flesh has a subtle taste, which makes it a great companion for spicy, sweet or savoury sauces. In most parts of the world, the head and tail of a fish are considered rich, nutritious and delectable parts of the sea creature. They’re especially great for making stews, soups and broths. Unlike red meats, buying fish may be tricky. When you buy meat online with our Licious app, you’ll be certain to have the freshest fish delivered to your doorstep.

Recognising Good Fish

First things first: never buy a fish with its gills or head cut out, which help you gauge its quality. Ascertain the quality of sliced fish by testing its firmness. Prodding it should not cause depressions.

Slime on your fish is natural; slime in its gills is decomposition. Also, when fish is left to sit for too long, its eyes begin to collapse into its socket. Look for fish with clear, protruding eyes.

Gills are covered by a flap called the operculum. In live fish, this sheath is shut tight over gills to protect them. Test your fish head by trying to pry the flap open. If the operculum easily pulls out, then you’re staring at fish that has been dead for a very long time. The gills should be blood red and not brown or grey.

Go By Your Nose

One of the easiest indicators of bad fish is the smell. Often people put off buying fish from supermarkets and street hawkers for this reason. Believe it or not, most fresh fish species do not smell. For instance, the catla, whose head has great flavour, is a riverine fish. Fresh catla should only ever smell like the river. If it reeks of that funky fish smell you rightly despise, be convinced your monger sells old produce.

Freezing Fish

Fish is best prepared fresh, but you may keep it frozen for 3-6 months depending on the type. To freeze, clean the fish, remove the guts if you’re storing it whole and vacuum seal it (or use freezer-friendly zipper bags). Never freeze your meat in common plastic bags.

When thawing, leave frozen meat in the refrigerator overnight as room temperature encourages bacterial growth. If you must defrost faster, then place your fish in a zipper bag to immerse in cold water. Change the water to keep it cold.

Now that you know the basics of buying fish, what are you waiting for? Buy meat online from Licious, where we deliver quality beyond everything.


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